This listing is for 1 White Mandarin male


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Beautiful and elegant the white mandarin is a must have for anyone who enjoys waterfowl color mutations. The tan colored feathers of the drakes tend to get very bleached out if they are exposed to a lot of full sun. This effect can be quite dramatic with birds sometimes becoming pure white by mid summer. After the fall molt the tan feathers will reappear. Care and breeding are the same as the normal colored bird.




1 White Mandarin male

  • In our experience if left full-winged on open water, most wild ducks will eventually fly away. If you choose to keep wild ducks on open water we recommend having those birds pinioned. Pinioned birds have been made permanently flightless by the surgical removal part of one wing.

    If you would like your birds pinioned please choose the pinion option above. If the pinion option is unavailable you can use the "pinion my bird" listing instead.


    Terms and conditions for pinioned birds

    Pinioned birds will require time to heal before shipping. This is can take 1-3 weeks. You will receive an email within 72 hrs of check out with your shipping date. All birds on your order will ship together on the date in this email. If you would like any birds shipped separately on a different date please e-mail us at with this request. (Additional shipping charges may apply). We reserve the right to delay shipping if we feel the birds need longer to heal than originally estimated. Delays are normally 1 week or less.

    Once the birds are pinioned, that portion of your order can not be changed or cancelled. For most orders birds will be pinioned within a few hrs of the order being placed. Price of the birds and pinion fees will not be refunded should customer want to cancel the order. If there is ever an issue on our end in providing the birds full a refund would be given.