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Due to co-vid 19 disruptions, all Airline Shipping has been suspended until further notice.
USPS shipping is not affected and will continue as normal

Our Airline Cargo Shipping Policies

If you pan to have birds shipped  airline cargo please read over all of our polices pertaining to this before you place your order.


All customers ordering through our online store must initial before check out to acknowledge that they have  read understand and accept the policies on this page.

Exceptions to our policies will not be made because customer did not read the policies before placing an order.


If you have any questions please contact us before placing your order.

mute swans


All orders place through our online store May 1st through July 31st will ship using airline cargo.

(All Swans will ship airline cargo year round.)


All of our air cargo shipping is done thru either United or Delta airlines pet transport services. Using these services the birds will arrive same day. These birds will not come to your post office they will need to be picked up from your closest airport that United or Delta airlines pet transport programs service.

United airlines and Delta airlines pet transport programs services most major airports, and some of the smaller airports. You may check out a complete list of airports that united airlines services @

Please keep in mind some of the smaller planes (usually flying into smaller airports) may only be able to carry small crates and may not be able to accommodate swans. If you would like to make sure we have service to your preferred airport please contact us @ or fill out the form at the bottom of any page with this inquiry before purchasing birds.


At this time our air cargo shipping is only done on the 2nd and the 4th Wednesday of the month. Most flights will be arriving at their final destination between 5pm-10pm

Please only purchase birds requiring air cargo shipping if you are able to receive them in accordance with the information above.


Once birds are ordered we will book a flight for your birds. You will be emailed shipping date and flight information within 72 hrs of purchase.

Please note we will use the address on your paypal account or other method of payment to determine the closest airport to you that services either United airlines or Delta airlines pet transport programs.

Shipping dates for airline cargo shipping can be 1-4 weeks from purchase date.

We reserve the right to delay shipping due to unsafe temperatures, holidays, unavailability of suitable flights or any reason that we feel may cause unsafe shipping conditions for your birds. Usually delays are 2 week or less

At most airports pick up will be at the United Airlines or Delta airlines ticket counter. If United Airlines or Delta airlines has a cargo facility at your airport, pick up may be at that location instead. The personal at the ticket counter can instruct you on this if necessary.

All orders for swans will incur a 10% cost of the birds cancellation fee if the customers for any reason chooses to cancel the order.

Orders for all other birds incur a 25% cancellation fee.

Cancellations made because birds could not arrive on preferred date/ time or location will be charged the cancellation fee, an exception will only be made if we agreed before the purchase to shipping to a specific location or to a specific timeline an example of this would be "I need my birds shipped before or after a certain date or to arrive at only this specific airport". 

 If we are unable to provide the birds total amount would be refunded.

Airline Cargo Pricing*

* all airline shipping pricing subject to change

1 pair of swans Mute Swans $389 plus crate fee.

Crate fee for 1 pair of Mute swans is $100.00

1 pair of black swans $279 plus crate fee.

Crate fee for 1 pair of black swans is $100.00

1 pair of cygnets $169 plus $20 crate fee

 Airline Shipping of ducks is unavailable at this time

1 pair of ducks  $179 , then and additional $20 for each pair thereafter. The crate for your ducks is included in this price and will vary by the amount and type of birds you order. We will notify you of the crate fee amount that can be refunded (if your crate is returned,) in the email you will receive with your flight info.

All crate fees are refundable. To receive a refund of your crate fee, crate or crates must be returned to us clean and in good working order. Any crates that are returned cracked or damaged in any way can not be reused and will not receive a refund.
Customers are responsible for paying all postage and/or shipping fees associated with returning the crate.

Please make note of the following when ordering from our webstore:

Our online store will not allow the purchase of more than 1 pair of swans on any order. If you wish to order more than 1 pair of swans please place two separate orders.

Our online store will also not allow you to order Swans and ducks on the same order. If you wish to order both swans and ducks please place two separate orders.

Live Arrival Guarantee for airline shipping

We do guarantee live arrival of all birds shipped airline cargo. The following conditions apply.
All birds must be picked up within 2 hrs of when birds are available for pick up. For most shipments  birds will be available for pickup 20-45 minutes after the flights scheduled arrival time.
If a bird is DOA you will be refunded the cost of that bird.
To receive a refund you will need to email us a picture of the bird along with the name of the agent that had you sign for your shipment. Please note this agent must have knowledge of the DOA bird. This information must be received within 6 hrs of birds arrival.

All shipping charges, crates, health papers, or other fees are non refundable (with the exception of if the customer chooses to return the crate). 


We do not offer any additional guarantee for after the birds are picked up from the airport.  We recommend that customers read over our  frequently ask questions page and the info pages that pertain to the species you have ordered for information on how to care for your new birds.
A certificate of health from our vet can be provided at customer expense. Cost of a health certificate is $85.00. for 1 pair of swans, $85 for 1-50 ducks and $185 for 50-150 ducks.

In the event that a bird arrives alive but there is an obvious problem customer must notify us with 1 hr of receiving the bird. Pictures may be required. Any situation of this nature will be handled on a case by case basis. Birds being very scared or nervous should not be reported to us as a problem as this is normal behavior for these birds.


Customers are solely responsible for knowing and complying with any regulations set by their state, county and/or any other relevant party that may impose rules pertaining your birds.

Our farms NPIP # and federal paperwork if needed for that species will be attached to the outside of the shipping crate.  If you need any other documentation please inquire as to if we can provide it before placing your order.


Please make sure that you understand our air-cargo shipping policies and the conditions of our "Live Delivery Guarantee for airline shipping" before placing your order. If you have questions please e-mail us at or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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