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 Our Story

Mallard Lane Farms is a small hobby farm located in Western Tennessee, we have been raising ornamental ducks since 2002. We began this hobby quite by accident. One summer while vacationing in Yellowstone National Park, I was fortunate enough to see a wild pair of Trumpeter swans. As I admired them, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice to have a pair of those on our pond.  I wondered if you could even buy such a thing. When we returned home, I decided to find out if, in fact you could buy swans.  Sure enough, not only could you buy swans, but there was a whole other world full of exotic waterfowl that could also be obtained. I also learned that there were several breeders of these birds located close by. All were very helpful in getting me started with my first birds.  My first pair of exotic ducks were Mandarins, followed by Wood Ducks,  Bahama and Northern Pintails and several species of Teal; and yes, I also bought that pair of swans for my pond.


From the humble beginnings of Wood Ducks and Mandarins we now keep and raise about 30 species of wild waterfowl.  We also have pheasants, peafowl, swans, quail, and some domestic ducks.


Pictured below is the pair of wild trumpeter swans, photographed in Yellowstone National Park  in 2002

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