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Taxidermy Items

taxidermy wood ducks

Taxidermy work by Sam Cahoy @ Wild Things Taxidermy

WE DO NOT SELL LIVE BIRDS TO THE TAXIDERMY MARKET. However we do keep and sell any unfortunate casualties that we have.

Birds listed for sale in our taxidermy items section died of natural causes, and are in good shape.  All birds died this winter late fall or early spring.  Pictures and descriptions of most of these birds can be found in the listings below.


All birds for sale in this section are being sold frozen whole, no skinning available.


All birds are farm raised and come with all necessary paperwork.

Although some of the specimens listed here are very nice, we do not market any of them as "competition quality" . This is because we do not have any extensive knowledge of the art of taxidermy as it is related to our ducks; and therefore we may be unsure as to what qualifies as a "competition quality" bird.

We strongly recommend all customers interested in taxidermy birds order items listed in our taxidermy items section only. All of other listing are for live birds. We guarantee health on all live birds we do not make any guarantees on anything cosmetic.

The check out process in our store is through Pay Pal, however you are not required to have a PayPal account to order from our online store. You will be given the option to pay with credit or debit card during the pay pal check out process.


If you have additional specific questions pertaining to any these birds please do inquire before purchasing the birds. To contact us please fill out the form at the bottom of the page or e-mail us at

When inquiring about taxidermy items please include the word taxidermy somewhere in your request, otherwise we will assume you are inquiring about live birds, which is what we mainly sell.


Taxidermy Items

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