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Wood Duck

The male wood duck is one of the most beautifully decorated birds in north America.  Wood ducks are hardy and easy to keep and  they are probably the most commonly kept wild duck in the United States today. They are often one of the first species that beginners acquire. And most collections have at least 1 pair of these stunning birds. Wood ducks are great birds for beginners. They are cold hardy and can be kept in a mixed collection. Wood ducks often will breed their first spring. They will use a raised style box for nesting. For best fertility it is recommend to keep wood ducks in pairs. Wood ducks are usually a very nervous bird in the aviary, they spook easily, and will benefit  from an enclosure with site barriers on the sides. They also like to have perches and hiding places. If kept on open water wood ducks should be pinioned or at least kept wing clipped. These birds have no special dietary needs and can be feed the same as other waterfowl. For more info on what we feed our birds here at Mallard Lane Farms please check out our care info page.
Other information about wood ducks can be found on our "Temperament" page and our "How we raise our ducks" page.
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Wood ducks come in several different color mutations. Although the  mutations are not as brightly colored as the normal male, all of the color mutations have their own unique charm. More information on Wood Ducks and the genetics behind the color mutations can be found the individual listings below.