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Infinity Nest Boxes


Mallard Lane Farms

Wood duck nest box

Introducing our new Infinity boxes made by and used by Mallard Lane Farms. These are the last nesting boxes you will even need to buy, because they will last!!


Here at Mallard Lane Farms we have been searching for a better nest box for a long time. Over the years we have purchase many nice wooden boxes from various companies. Unfortunately every wooden box we have ever purchased/or made ourselves has eventually failed us.

Wooden boxes no matter how well made, no matter what type of wood used, or how many times you stain or paint them, they will eventually start to decay.  And hinges and other metal hardware will eventually rust, lock up and need to be replaced.

Compromised nest boxes can cost you $$$ when eggs are lost due to leaky roofs and or rotting bottoms.

Repairing and/or replacing wooden boxes can be costly and time consuming, not to mention no fun!

The repairing or replacing aging wooden boxes had became a yearly dreaded chore for us. We needed to find a better way.

Nest box

A few years ago we came across a material we thought could be a game changer for our nest boxes. Before we constructed any boxes with this new material we first looked at all the boxes we had purchased or created for ourselves in the past. We analyzed what we liked or disliked about them. Taking into account everything we have learned about nest boxes over the last 20 years we came up with what we thought just might be a design for the perfect nesting box.

We created and tested out a few of our new boxes the following spring, our birds liked them and used them just as well or even better than our wooden boxes. In the years that followed we began replacing all of our aging wooden boxes with our new box, starting with the wood duck style nest boxes and eventually replacing  our ground boxes as well.

We liked our new boxes so much, that we thought other breeders may like them too. So in 2023 we began to make plans to market them. At the time of this writing we are hoping to be ready to offer our wood duck style box for sale just in time for the 2023 holiday season.

What makes our boxes better than the rest?

  • Our boxes are made from 100% recycled plastics.

  • These plastics are ,mold, mildew, rot resistant, resistant to all forms of water damage, resistant to sun and heat damage and will not crack or fade due to exposure to summer sun.

  • This durable plastic is much easier to clean than wood.

  • Our boxes are white which naturally keeps them cooler than darker colored boxes. This can help keep the hen comfortable during hot weather, and can reduce loss of eggs due to over heating.

  • Our boxes have a split door hinge free design, no hardware to rust ever.

  • Latched swing away door and a mitered finger catch for ease in opening.

  • Raised side panel that keeps the nest in place while viewing.

  • Drainage holes, landing perch and scored latter to aid ducklings in climbing out of the box.

  • 5 inch entrance hole which is excepted by wood ducks and mandarins, but is also big enough to be used by other larger species that may also use a raised box ex. golden eye, common merganser, or even tree ducks.

  • Hand crafted here in western Tennessee

  • The only box of its kind that has been designed by, made by, tested by and currently used by people that raise wild waterfowl.



Nesting box size: 10" W X 9.5" D X 23" H

Mounting board (Back): 10" X 27"

Entrance hole: 5"  contoured inside and out.

We are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all nesting boxes.

Wood duck style nest box
Wood duck nesting box

Wood duck nesting boxes for sale

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