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Eyeton Tree Duck

Eyeton Tree duck

The Eyton's Tree Ducks is also know as the Plumed Tree Duck or the Grass whistling duck. These birds are native to the tropical grasslands of northern and eastern Australia. 

The Eytons most unique feature is it's elongated straw colored flank plumes which curve prominently upwards these are present on both males and females.


Males and females look alike and keep the same plumage color year round.

Like most tree ducks Eytons are social birds and prefer to be kept in a small group. They will get along well with other waterfowl and are well suited for a mixed collection.

Eytons prefer warm weather but can be kept in a northern climate as long as some protection is given from winter weather.

Breeding season is in the spring.




eyeton tree duck

First year birds can breed and produce offspring. We have had more success with second year second year birds.

Nest are made on the ground under natural cover on in a nest box. Clutches consist of 6-12 eggs which are incubated for about 30 days. The ducklings are raised in the same manner as other tree ducks, they are not difficult and present no special challenges.

Eyeton Tree Ducks

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