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Marble Teal

Marble teal

Marble Teal are native to southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle-East. Males and females look similar, with the males having larger crest and darker eye stripe.


Once thought to belong to the dabbling duck group, they have since been reclassified as pochards, due to their display behavior and lack of a speculum.

I have found the Marble Teal to be hardy and easy to care for, they also are not aggressive and can get along well in a mixed collection.

Breeding season is in spring. The males courtship displays are interesting, and entertaining to watch.

Nests are made on the ground under natural cover, or in a nesting box. Some of our marble teal like to use wood duck style boxes.

Clutches consist of 8-10 eggs, which will be incubated for approximately 25 days.

The young are not difficult to raise and are fully feathered in about 30 day



Marble teal

Marble Teal

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