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Sharpwing Teal

Sharpwing teal

The Sharp Wing Teal is native to South America. They closely resemble the Chilean Teal. Sharp Wing are slighly larger, longer, and more pale than the Chilean, and have comparatively long, sharply pointed scapulars. Males and females of this species look similar, and keep the same color year round. 


Easily kept in captivity, the sharp wing presents no special challenges. They are not aggressive and will get along with other waterfowl


They can produce offspring their first year, but often do not breed until their second Spring.

These birds like to perch and will require a raised box for nesting. Clutches consist of 6-9 eggs and are incubated for about 25 days. Ducklings of this species are not difficult to raise.

sharpwing teal

Sharpwing Teal

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