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We are currently sold out of all 2019 hatch birds.

2020 Price List

Prices below are per pair unless otherwise stated. Prices do not include shipping charges. When available, the birds below can be purchased through our online store. Click the link for the birds your are interested in to be taken to that listing in our online store.

All prices are subject to change.

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Wood Ducks



Greenwing                                    $150.00     

Bluewing                                       $150.00      

Cinnamon                                      $125.00   

Ring                                                 $125.00     

Blonde Ring                                  $175.00     

Silver Ring                                    $300.00   

Chestnut Breasted                       $175.00     

Falcated                                        $450.00    

Silver                                             $300.00     

Sharpwing                                     $175.00  

Baikal                                            $500.00   

Marble                                             $125.00    

Cape                                              $150.00     

Brazilian                                        $400.00    

Hottentot                                      $350.00    

Garganey                                        $200.00   


Northern Pintail

Blue Northern Pintail

Bahama Pintail

Silver Bahama Pintail

Split/Silver Bahama Pintail

Bahama Pintail 1 silver 1 split


Tree Ducks


Other Ducks


Mute Swan Pair (2020 Hatch)                              $1800.00     

Mute Swan Pair (2019 Hatch or older)               $2200.00     

Mute Swans same sex pair                                 $1800.00     

Black Swans (young 3-6 months)                       $1150.00 

Black Swans  (6 months and older)                    $1650.00 

Black Swans same sex pair                                $1150.00 


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