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Wandering Tree Duck

Wandering Tree Duck

The Wandering Tree Duck is one of the smaller tree duck species. These birds inhabit tropical and subtropical Australia, the Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

Like other tree ducks they are very social and will do better in the aviary kept in small groups instead of pairs. Wandering Tree ducks make several pleasant sounding whistling calls and their wings also make a whistling noise in flight. These birds are not aggressive and can be kept in a mixed collection. They prefer a warm climate but can be kept in northern climate as long as some protection is given from winter weather

They can cross with other tree duck species and should be kept separate from them.

Breeding season begins in the spring and can last into fall. Nest are usually made on the ground under natural cover or in a nesting box, however sometimes our birds will use wood duck style boxes.

The male and female will both incubate the eggs and defend the nest. Often if they are not allowed to brood their young our birds will produce a second or even a third clutch.


The ducklings of this species are not difficult to raise and present no special challenges.



wandering tree duck

Wandering Tree Ducks

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