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The best way to contact us is thru e-mail or by filling out the contact form at the bottom of any page. Our e-mail address is as follows:

Before e-mailing with questions please take the time to read through our information pages. You may find many of the answers that you are looking for. We have spent a lot of time on these pages to make our web site as informative as possible. A good place to start are our frequently asked questions pages.

If you do not find the information you need please feel free to e-mail us. E-mails are answered promptly normally with 24 hrs and often customers are surprised and pleased to get answers in only a few minutes. Additionally your question may be added to our frequently asked questions pages.



Picking up Birds from our Farm

Most orders may be picked up at our farm.  Pick ups are by appointment only and must be made at least 24 hrs in advance.  We are normally available for pick ups Monday thru Friday between 6pm-10pm. Other times may be available upon request. To set up an appointment to pick up birds please send and email to or you may use the form at the bottom of the page, please include the following information : Species and number of pairs you are interested in, time and date you would like to pick them up. We will reply back shortly and let you know if your time/date and the birds are available. We will also email you an invoice for deposit if applicable.

Before paying deposit please read over all the terms and conditions listed below. Payment of your deposit constitutes knowledge, understanding and acceptance of terms and conditions along with all other information on this page.


Terms and Conditions and other important info for picking up birds

A 10% deposit is required to hold any birds that will be picked up from our farm, (auction or other event we may delivery birds to). Deposits are non refundable should the customer back out of a sale, or be a no show for a scheduled pick up. Deposit would be refunded if there was a problem on our end providing the birds.  Balance is due at pick up. Cash only at pick ups please. Due to the risk of auctions being cancelled because of covid 19 we will not be taking orders for pinioned birds to be delivered to auctions in 2020. If auctions are cancelled due to covid-19 we will refund deposits.

Unless other arrangements were made prior to the sale, pick up from our farm will be expected within 2 weeks of date on deposit invoice.

Please remember to bring something to transport your birds in for most ducks small pet taxis work well. If picking up multiple pairs of ducks we recommend using multiple small pet taxis instead if one large one. This will help prevent injuries during transit from trampling. For swans 1 large breed dog crate can hold 1 pair. If you forget to bring your containers, shipping boxes for ducks are usually available the cost of these are $12 each, they can hold 2-3 average sized ducks. We usually do not have extra swan crates for available sale.

We guarantee all to be birds are healthy and sound at time of pick up. Customers are always given to opportunity to see, and also handle (if they wish), their birds before completing the purchase. We do not offer any additional guarantees for after the birds have left our farm and are in customers care. We recommend that all customers read over our care info page @  and the pages dedicated to the species you will be receiving, for information on the proper care of your new birds. Additionally a health certificate from our vet can be provided at customer expense. Cost of a health certificate $85.00 for 1-50 birds. Please email for pricing for over 50 birds. Request for health certificate must be made at least 1 week prior to pick up date.

During much of the year we will catch birds at dusk or very early in the morning only. This is for the safety of the birds. If you wish to add additional birds to your order please let us know at least 24 hrs before pick up so we can plan accordingly.




Please note we do not give tours of our farm. For the safety of our customers and our birds and to comply with the recommendations of the USDA, customers will not be allowed to enter any of our aviaries. All transactions will take place in an area that is away from our aviaries and other birds.


If you have any questions please email us at or fill out the contact us form below.

We look forward to helping you with an order.

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