These birds are common in captivity and are easy to house and raise.  Red-creasted can sometimes be parasitic nesters, dumping their eggs in the nest of other ducks. Care should be taken that they do not disturb other ground nesting species in their enclosure.

They have also been know to hybridize with red heads and rosy-bills so these species should not be kept together.

Gadwal pair

Gadwal pair

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The male Gadwall is mostly gray and brown he lacks the bright colors that many male ducks have.  At first look he may appear plain, but a closer look reveals an elegant duck with delicately patterned black and gray breast and flanks.   Populations of Gadwal can be found in North America and in Eurasia.

Gadwall are hardy birds they are easy to raise and can get along well in a mixed collection. Breeding season is in the spring. Nest are made on the ground or under natural cover. Males of this species will often mate with more than one hen and we often keep our gadwall in trios.

Clutches consist of 6-12 creme colored eggs that are incubated for about 26 days. It is not uncommon for the hen to lay two clutches per year if she is not brooding the ducklings. The ducklings of the species are quite easy to raise.

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