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Javen Tree Duck

Javen Tree Duck

The Javan Tree duck is the smallest of the tree duck species it is also known as the Lesser Tree Duck and the Indian Whistling Duck. This duck is native to southeastern Asia, where it is abundant.

Males and females look alike, and keep the same plumage color year round. 

The Javan tree duck is a sociable species, they prefer to be kept in groups. Not aggressive they can be kept in a mixed collection. Like other tree ducks they prefer a warm climate, but can be kept in colder climates as long as some protection is given from winter weather.

  Breeding season is in spring, nest are made on the ground in a nest box or under natural cover. Our birds have also nested in wood duck style boxes.  Clutches consist of 6-12 eggs and are incubated for about 30 days. The ducklings are much like other tree ducks just smaller they are not difficult to raise as long as inbreeding is not a factor.

At the time of this writing in 2016  this species is rare in the USA and can difficult to breed due to excessive inbreeding. This is a species in danger of disappearing in the USA.

Javen Tree Ducks

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