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Brazilian Teal

Brazilian Teal

The Brazilian teal or Brazilian duck is native to South America. This small dabbling duck is overall brown in color, males have bright red bills, females have white facial patches similar to those of a ring teal. Both sexes have orange legs and feet and also metallic green wing feathers. The males are quite vocal and have a high pitched repeated whistle.

Brazilian teal are not aggressive and are suitable for a mixed collection.

This species enjoys perching and in captivity will appreciate an inclosure with many perches.

Native to a warm climate these birds will need some protection from severe winter weather in colder climates.

Breeding season is in the spring and early summer, nests are made on the ground under natural cover or in a nesting box. Nest may also be made in raised wood duck style nest boxes. Clutches consist of 6-8 which are incubated for about 25 days. Ducklings of this species are easy to raise and present no special challenges.

Sadly this species is declining in aviaries in the USA and at the time of this writing (2017) are now quite rare.



Brazilian Teal

Brazilian Teal

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