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Argentina Red Shoveler

Argentina red Shoveler

The Argentina Red Shoveler is a native to South America, it's most distinctive feature as with all shovelers is it's large spatula bill. Like the other species of shoveler the drakes have a bright blue wing patch that is most evident in flight. Red Shoveler drakes are mostly chestnut in color, and spotted with black over the flanks, chest and back. The head is a lighter shade of brown and lacks the black spotting. The female is more dab and relatively plain, and is much like other shoveler hens.

These birds are not aggressive, and can get along with other species, they are first year fertile but most will not lay until they are two years of age. They prefer natural cover such as tall grass for nesting, some may accept nest boxes. Clutches consist of 5-8 eggs and are incubated for about 25 days. The ducklings are not difficult to raise.

The the time of the update in 2017 this species is scarce in the US.

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