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Falcated Teal

falacted teal


Breeding season is in Spring ,and in my region starts in May.

This is a species that we have had some success breeding in trios (1 male 2 females)

Clutches consist of 6-10 cream-white eggs and are incubated for about 25 days. The ducklings are not difficult to rear, they grow quickly and can fly at about 8 weeks.




Falcated duck

The Falcated Drake is one of the worlds most beautiful ducks native to Japan, he appears to be a close relative of the Wood Duck and Mandarin, but is actually a dabbler and more closely related to the widgeon.


Hybrids between falcated and widgeon species has been documented so it is best to keep falcated teal separate from widgeons if possible.

This species does well in captivity, and is seen in many collections. These birds are hardy and get along with others in a mixed collection.

They can breed  their first year, and nest on the ground in thick vegetation, some will except nest boxes.

Falcated Teal

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