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Eggs & Ducklings

Do you sell eggs and/or ducklings is probably the most common question we are asked. We have created this page to give a longer explanation as to why we do not sell anything but adult sized birds and to offer some advise to persons that would prefer to purchase eggs or ducklings over adult birds.

First it is important to understand the difference in the egg laying habits of  domestic birds verses wild birds.  Many domestic birds will lay year round, it would not be uncommon for a domestic duck to produce will over 100 eggs in a year. Since domestic eggs are plentiful you can often find reputable breeders with surpluses of eggs or ducklings that  they will sell  at a fraction of the cost of adult birds. 

Many wild species may only produce 1 clutch per year. Clutch size for wild birds varies by species but in general ranges between 5-12 eggs. Wild ducks are also not as reliable breeders as domestic birds and every wild hen dose not necessarily produce eggs every year. Because so few eggs are produced it is not uncommon for ourselves along with many other breeders to actually not be able to raise enough birds to meet the demand for them for that year. For these reasons there are typically no surpluses of wild ducks eggs or ducklings.


If you do happened to find wild ducks eggs or ducklings for sale somewhere else please keep the following things in mind.

Shipping reduces habitability of all eggs, this is especially true of wild ducks eggs, they really do not ship well.


Most wild ducks eggs do not hatch well put strait into the incubator, they will do  better if placed under a broody hen for at lest the first 10 days, longer is better. Even then wild waterfowl eggs will usually be more difficult to hatch than the eggs of domestic birds.

Wild ducklings can sometimes be quite changeling to raise.  Persons that have done very well raising domestic ducks should not necessarily expect that wild ducks can be raised in the same way with the same results.

It is likely that most eggs will be from the same parents and if they hatch your birds will most likely be siblings which are not ideal for breeding.

Because most larger breeders do not sell ducklings or eggs,  legitimate sellers of eggs and/or ducklings can be hard to find.


Beware of anymore selling wild duck eggs out of season. April-June would be the most common time for these eggs to be laid.

Beware of eggs that are cheap an average price would be about $75-$100 per 1/2 dozen eggs for a common species like wood duck or mandarin.

Eggs being sold of any species other that wood ducks or mandarins is very rare, buy with caution.

Beware of anyone selling the more difficult or expensive species such as hoodies mergansers, golden eye  or swans ,  adds for these eggs are almost surly fraudulent.

Most wild ducklings are much more delicate that domestic ducklings. The risk of wild ducklings dying in transit is much higher that that of adult wild birds. Find out if the seller guarantees live arrival before you buy.


Most wild duck only hatch during the time of year that temperatures are to hot for USPS shipping over much of the country. This could greatly complicate shipping plans. Beware of any seller who will ship birds when temperatures are unsafe.

Over the years we have sold adult birds to many customers who have complained of wasting a lot of money on eggs only to hatch nothing or very little.

Even if we did have a surplus of eggs or ducklings available, we would choose not to sell a product that the majority of our customers would be unhappy with.

We believe the best and most cost efficient way to get started in raising wild ducks to buy adult pairs form a reputable breeder.

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