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This listing is for 1 pair (1 male, 1 female) of Rosey Billed Pouchard


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All about the Rosey Billed Pouchard


The Rosy-billed Pochard or simply Rosybill is among the most striking of southern South American ducks. The male is largely black with gray sides his most prominent is the bright red bill and a red eye. The bill itself has a large rounded knob at the base, which is bright crimson, while the rest of the bill gradually fades towards a pale pinkish towards the tip. As in most ducks the female is not as colorful and she is a chestnut brown color with a black bill.

 Rosey-Bills are not aggressive and can do well in a mixed collection. As with most members of the pouchard family they can be somewhat parasitic and will often dump eggs in the nest of other birds. The also have been know to cross breed with other members of the pouchard group such as red creasted, and red heads.

Breeding season is in the spring although nesting into late summer is not uncommon for our birds. Nest are made on the ground under natural cover or in nest boxes. Males of this species will sometimes mate with one than one female and we often keep 2 hens per 1 male. Clutches consist of 6-12 cream colored eggs which are incubated for about 29 days. If the eggs are removed early in incubation our roseybills often will produce a second clutch. The ducklings are easy to raise and present no special challenges.



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Our NPIP # is 63-312.

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Rosey Billed Pouchard pair

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