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This listing is for 1 pair (1 male 1 female) of Silver Northern Pintails. We do not fully understand the genetics behind this color, but we believe that it works much like the pastel color in call ducks. At this time the Silver mutation in the Northern Pintail is rare. We only raise a handful of these birds every year. Care is the same as for the regular colored bird.


All about the Silver Northern Pintail

In 2012 we acquired some off colored northern pintails. These were sold to us as a blue color mutation. From a blue on blue pairing we produced a second color that was lighter than the blue, we called this color silver. Unfortunately our first blues were very inbred. Our silver birds were often weak and did not survive to adulthood. We spent alot of time breeding back in the normal color (creating split to blue birds)so we could produce stronger offspring. Eventually we started raising and selling a small amount of blues every year. In 2021 we acquired some additional blue pintails from a different source. By mixing this bloodline with ours we were now able to breed blue to blue with good results, which allowed us to start producing more of the silver mutation. This has allowed us to be able to sell a few of these beautiful birds.



Silver Northern Pintail Pair

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