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This listing is for 1 pair (1 male, 1 female) of Silver Pheasant. These birds will be the pervoius years hatch and the males will be fully colored.


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All about the Silver Pheasant


The silver Pheasant is native to the mountainous regions south east Asia southern china, Thailand and Vietnam. The male silver pheasant is mainly black and white the non feathered area around the face is bright red. In contrast the female is a dull olive color and has a duller red face. Males do not acquire there full color until their second year.These birds are common in captivity and breed well in the aviary. We have kept this species in aviaries with our waterfowl with no issues. While silvers are not aggressive to other birds in the enclosure, but they sometimes can be aggressive toward people. Male silver Pheasants will mate with more than one hen and Silvers are often kept in trios or quads. Eggs are laid on the ground in a shallow scrape. Clutches consit of 10-15 eggs and hatch in about 26 days. The hens often make good mothers. If taken from the hen the chicks are not difficult to raise.


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Mallard Lane Farms is a NPIP approved farm and is certified AI clean.

Our NPIP # is 63-312.

We hold state and federal permits for the sale of wild waterfowl. Federal paperwork will be sent with all species that require it.




Silver Pheasant (full colored)

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