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Waiting List

silver wood duck

If the birds that you are interested in are unavailable, you can choose to be placed on our waiting list. We maintain a waiting list year round. There is no fee for this service and no obligation to actually purchase any birds.



Starting 11-22-21 - To keep things much more organized and to better serve all of  our customers,  we are asking that you use the "notify when available" tab

in the listing that you are interested in for all wait list request. This will put you on a  waiting list for that particular listing. You will get an email as soon as that listing is available for purchase again.  Please note all customers that are on the waiting list for that listing will also be receiving the same email at the same time. The birds will then be sold on a first come first serve basis. You may be on our waiting list for a many listings as you like.


How to sign up for our waiting list

Step 1- go to the online-store.

Step 2 find the listing for the birds that you are interested in and click on that listing.

Step 3 initial terms and conditions

Step 4 click on the "notify when  available" tab.

Step 5 fill in your email address.

The "notify when available" tab can be found on all "SOLD OUT" listings in our online store.

If the birds are not "SOLD OUT" and are available now, you will not see a "notify when available" tab. You can not be on a waiting list for birds that are available now.

Please see example photo of a listing showing "notify when available" tab below

waiting list.jpg

Example Photo              Example Photo

Example Photo              Example Photo

Example Photo              Example Photo

We typically begin selling the years hatch in August. Some species sell out very quickly.

We recommend placing your order as soon as possible after receipt of your email to ensure best availability.

Please note our shipping typically starts in October or as soon as temperatures are safe. Information on shipping can be found at the link below.

All birds will be fully feathered and adult sized at the time you receive them. We do not sell ducklings or half grown birds. We do not sell any eggs. We also can not ship outside the continental USA.


To help us keep things organized placement on the waiting list will be thru the "notify when available" tab only.

For orders that will be picked up at our farm or an auction please use the form at the link below

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