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If you have other questions please email us @

Is there a phone number I can call?

At this time we do not have an office phone number.


The best way to contact us is thru e-mail or by filling out the contact form at the bottom of any page. Our e-mail address is as follows:

Before e-mailing with ,please take the time to read through our information pages. You may find many of the answers that you are looking for. We have spent a lot of time on these pages to make our web site as informative as possible.


If you do not find the information you need, please feel free to e-mail us. E-mails are answered promptly normally with 24 hrs and often customers are surprised and pleased to get answers in only a few minutes. Additionally, your question may be added to our frequently asked questions pages.


Can I place my order over the phone, instead of online?

All of our credit/debit card payments are processed online through a 3rd party. We are unable to process your credit/debit directly, therefore we can not take an order over the phone.


I do not have a paypal account, can I email  credit card info or pay with a check?

 You do not need to have a paypal account to order birds through our online store.  During the checkout process  paypal will offer you the option to use  your credit/debit card. We do not have the capability to process any debit or credit cards manually so if you were to send this information we can not use it. Please do not ever e-mail personal information, such as a credit card # to anyone.  We do not take accept checks, however the online store does offer you the option to pay with a debit card.

The birds I want to order are sold out in your online store, do you still have some and/ or what can I do to order these birds?

Normally you can find all the birds we have for sale in our online store. If they are listed as sold out, usually we do not have any more. We do keep a waiting list year round. If you choose to be placed on the waiting list you will get an email once the birds you are interested in are available again. Waiting list info can be found  here.

What happens if I change my mind and want to cancel my order?

Any orders cancelled by customer will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.  Any request for cancellation must be made at least 48 hrs prior to the order's shipping date. All deposits are non refundable in the event the order is cancelled by the customer. Please note, orders for pinioned birds can not be changed or cancelled  and no refund will be given should the customer choose to cancel an order for pinioned birds.

Will my birds look just like the birds pictured on your website?

Most photos used on our website show males in full color, which is their winter/spring plumage. Your birds may or may not be in full color depending on the particular species and the time of year in which you are ordering.


Can I pay for birds now and have them shipped at a later date?

  • With the exception of birds that are ordered in August and September when we must wait for weather to cool before shipping, orders are normally shipped  the first Monday after payment is received. We do not hold orders.  Reasonable exceptions, such as a 1 week delay in shipping can be usually made upon customer request. If a customer can not receive their birds in this time line, we will refund the order (minus 10% cancellation fee) and ask that the order be replaced when customer is ready to receive the birds.


 Can I purchase eggs or ducklings ?

At this time we do not sell any eggs or ducklings. For more info on this topic pleas use the link below


Can I pick up birds from your farm and do you give tours of your farm?

Customers that choose to do so, may pick birds up from our farm (by appointment ONLY).

For the safety of our customers and our birds, we do not give any type of tour or allow visitors into any of our aviaries. All transactions will take place in an area away from our other birds and aviaries. More info about farm pick ups can be found here.


Can I get a picture of the actual pair of birds that I will be receiving?


  • New for 2015-  If you would like a picture of a particular bird that is for sale, we will band the bird with a metal numbered leg band, photograph the bird, email you a picture of the bird along with the band number. Should you choose to purchase the bird, we will guarantee that the pictured bird will be the bird that you receive. The fee for this service is $35 per bird. While you are not obligated to buy the bird pictured the, fee is non refundable.  This fee must be paid prior to receiving your photo. 


Please consider these things before requesting photos : 


  • Unlike domestic ducks and chickens, where there may be differences in quality due to things such as better foot feathering in silkies or shorter bills in call ducks; with wild waterfowl, once they acquire their adult plumage, there is virtually no difference between individuals of the same species and color.

  • We typically have many birds that are identical.

  • We often have group pictures of the years hatch on our "pictures of 20** birds" page. 

  • The enclosures that house our for sale birds are quite large and often contain hundreds of birds.

  • Despite our best efforts, every year we have injuries and fatalities that occur while catching and handling our birds. To reduce these occurrences we try to limit the direct contact that we have with the birds as much as possible.

  • In summer weather, heat stroke is a serious problem for ornamental ducks, we do not like to chase, catch or handle any birds when the temperature is above 80.

  • We will provide pictures free of charge for any show quality calls that we have for sale. 

  • Breeder to pet quality calls will not have photos taken with out fee.


Can you provide references?

We invite you to please check out our reviews on our facebook page @

Furthermore you might want to google our farm name (Mallard Lane Farms) or ask questions about us on one of the talk forums such as backyard chicken. We pride ourselves in taking great care of our customers, providing them with a smooth transaction and with great birds.

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What is your exchange/return policy?

We do not accept returns or exchanges on live birds or any perishable item.
All sales of Gift Cards and Raffle Tickets are final. Gift cards can not be redeemed for cash.
For non perishable items only : If returned in new undamaged condition  within 30 days of purchase can receive a full refund of item price. Shipping cost are not refunded.

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